13 Things About Demon Pigeon That We’re Really Going To Miss or Just Never Forget

Let’s face it.

If Demon Pigeon were a kid, it would have probably been taken away by now. Demon Pigeon is a child of neglect, sitting on a throne of soiled nappy, eating frosties out of a puddle of curdled milk and drawing pentagrams on the kitchen floor in dog shit. That grubby brat with an ASBO, left out to play until past nine that you draw the blinds on and tut at.

But we loved it, really. We did. We just never knew how to say it. We hadn’t even learned how to look after ourselves, let alone poor junior.

As you will now know, we’ve decided to pull down the shutters. We’ve essentially run out of words. All other things aside, we’ll genuinely pine for the opportunity Demon Pigeon gave us to piss off D-list musicians and compliment the wonderful bits and pieces that made it all worth it in the end, as well as all the great gatherings we’ve had and friends we’ve made. So thanks a million if you ever bothered with us.

So. What better way to end it all than with a shoddily-put-together, sparsely worded listicle built in the good ol’ Buzz-Worthy format? That’s what you like nowadays, isn’t it? ISN’T IT, YOU F-

Onwards and upwards. Let’s have a look at some of the greatest moments of these short but sweet four years.

1. The Time Dan Cairns Reviewed A Porno


“Mr. Pervers is a curious film.”

2. Dan Cairns, Generally


Daniel went forward to greater things, but left an indelible mark on all of us.

3. Sex and the City Review



4. The Time DAVID DRAINMAN yelled at us.



Good question.

5. All The Times We Hated a Record


6. And All The Times We Loved Them.


7. The Time(s) We Did Nothing For Ages and Ages


8. The Time We Went to Eurogamer and Spoke To “Gamers”


9. The Time Noel Oxford Introduced Us to German Drugs Band


10. Hanging Out At Desertfest With The Team


11. The Time We Uncovered The Real Truth About Ozzy Osbourne


12. The Time We Got Linked To Global Metal Apocalypse Dot Weebly Dot Com


13. The Times I Got To Write About Things I Love For People I Love


A huge thank you to Paul, Noel (yet another brilliant thing this website has given me) and everybody else who I’ve gotten to know thanks to Demon Pigeon.

Keep in touch with us on Twitter!

❤ Jo


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